Want to Access Petropolis?

Our Work

We will launch $TROP, the in-game currency of Petropolis, in Q2 in 2022. The presale will be whitelisted and held on a custom launchpad. The ONLY way to buy in at launch is to hold our existing $PETS tokens and MicroPets NFT?s. Holders of more $PETS tokens and NFTs will be given the ability to purchase more $TROP.


    • The governance token of Petropolis
    • The only way to buy Pet NFTs, which are our playable, in-game characters.
    • Used to purchase Petropolis land
    • Grants voting rights in the Petropolis DAO.
    • Must be staked on the launchpad to get $TROP. Done in a tiered ICO, in which holders with more $PETS will have access to purchase more $TROP.


    • It’s the in-game currency of our Petropolis Metaverse.
    • It’s used to buy tools, resources to build, weapons, food, advertising billboards & more.
    • It will be used to buy real world items through our in-game affiliate partners.
    • More utility to be added later.
Our Work


. Land sale whitelists will be reserved for MicroPets NFT Holders.
. Petropolis Land Sale in Q3/Q4, and Land will be purchased using $PETS.