Our Mobile Game

. Have a blast with the MicroPets Runner game
. Dash, jump, and dodge obstacles to survive
. Attempt your luck at the magic chest raffle
. Exchange coins for incredible prizes in the shop

NFT Pets That Earn You Money

. Stake your pet & earn passive income
. Open crates for a chance at Mythical pets
. Rewards that increase with pet rarity
. Use your pet in our upcoming Play-to-Earn mobile game

The Community

. Meet our ever-growing digital community
. Keep up with roadmap updates
. Get sneak peeks of upcoming products
. Join our nearly 70,000 investors in MicroPets!

The World

Petropolis is a metaverse being developed by MicroPets. Using a Play-To-Earn & Build-To-Earn economy, users will earn money by raising their 3D Pets, leveling their skills, collecting resources, battling foes and building homes, shops & games.

Petropolis embraces the aesthetic of Animal Crossing, the skill-leveling of Runescape, the rare drops of WOW and the pet parenting of the Tamagotchi.

Mint The Hype Worthy 2D NFT's

. Minters have a chance to win $150k in cash
. Enjoy VIP access to many upcoming releases
. Benefit from major use in Petropolis
. Unlock a variety of tiers in our ecosystem


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