1- Buy $PETS

  1. Download TrustWallet on Android or iOS

  2. Copy the URL of this page and paste it into the dApp browser on TrustWallet

  3. Change the icon in your dApp browser to “Binance Smart Chain”

  4. Press “Connect”

  5. Click “Buy Crypto” on the widget to buy BNB using a credit or debit card

  6. Swap BNB for PETS using the widget


MicroPets currently has a 0% buy tax and 7% sell tax

Buying crypto is easy using the Flooz widget! Click “Buy Crypto” to get started right away.

2- Buy a 3D NFT

  1. Visit the MicroPets Marketplace in TrustWallet’s browser

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. Pick out your new MicroPet and press “Buy”

  4. Accept all approvals and transactions

  5. Once complete, meet your new pet!

3- Stake your Pet to Earn Rewards

  1. Go to your “Petfolio

  2. Press “Stake” to stake your pet

  3. If your pet is evolved, press “Stake Evolution Pool”

  4. Accept all approvals and transactions

  5. Begin earning rewards 💪

Download MicroPets Runner & Earn Rewards!