Meet The Team



CEO | Co-Founder

Nick has been involved in crypto since 2017, navigating his way through nearly every aspect of the space.

He took this diverse experience and knowledge and helped create MicroPets, one of the most innovative projects in the space.

He has a thirst for innovation, constantly pushing the team to never settle and strive for perfection. He brings with him a Bachelor’s degree and is proud of the fact that he even finished a year early.



CMO | Co-Founder

Ryan has been in the crypto space since 2017 and started to incorporate his real life skills in early 2021 to help create one of the most successful projects on the Binance Smart Chain in MicroPets.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and has over 15 years real life experience working with some of the biggest companies in the world, focusing on marketing and customer development.

As Chief Marketing Officer, he oversees every aspect of the marketing initiatives at MicroPets.



Community Manager

Malek is a personal development coach. He combines very strong feelings about crypto and DeFi with leadership skills to bring out the best within the community.

He has a professional background in sales, marketing and retail across different continents.

His oversight ensures the admin team properly supports the rapidly growing MicroPets community through answering technical questions or hosting fun events.



Lead Designer

Astreau is a creative mind with a predilection for making brands come alive visually.

As an award-winning designer, he’s assisted a wide range clients, from governmental organizations, to outdoor companies, and has had a creative hand on the work of some of the biggest names in marketing.

His expertise has now found a home at MicroPets, where he handles the look and feel of the entire MicroPets brand and ecosystem, pushing creative boundaries, and making sure MicroPets doesn’t just make enormous waves on the BSC, but looks exceptional while doing so.



Community Leader | Admin

Annabelle has a strong work ethic with a background in the field of IT outsourcing for companies, working as a project manager, and also in sales.

She began her journey in crypto in early 2021 and learned the ins and outs of the space very quickly. Through her investing experiences, she found MicroPets and fell in love with the project and team.

She joined the team in its infancy and plays a critical role as a Community Leader and Admin. She oversees community activities and engagement. This includes the organization and execution of contests as well as daily games that create a fun and welcoming environment for all investors.



MicroPets Army General | Admin

Yang began his entrepreneurial and technical career at an early age – creating his own Ebay store at the age of 12, and then achieving being licensed by CompTIA at the young age of 16. 

His strong belief in decentralized finance, in addition to his immense technical skills allowed him to branch out into the world of Crypto – eventually leading to MicroPets, which he’s proud to call his home!

Yang is the General of the MicroPets Army, a street-team of sorts, consisting of dedicated MicroPets holders who are essential to the community. The Army, with Yang leading the charge, is crucial to the success of the project, taking every opportunity to promote MicroPets through various channels and social media outlets.



Latin Marketing Manager

Jessus is an Actor and Filmmaker. He is best known for being named Mr. Venezuela in 2012, launching his own clothing line “Jessus Zambrano Store, also starring role of the Maelstrom in Cyberpunk 2077,  “911” with Lady Gaga, La Trampa and casi perfecta.

In 2020, he starred and directed Greencard, an original screenplay that explores the intersectionality of immigration and humanity in the United States and which was nominated for the “US Film Festival.” Jessus, is the ambassador of the National Immigration Law Center in the USA and Goodwill International both ONG.

He is currently working on a horror feature film called The Children of Voodoo which is being developed in Dominican Republic under his own production company «Salto Angel Pictures.»



Chinese Liaison Officer | Admin

Huat has been in the crypto space since 2020. In doing research on various crypto investments he met the core team of MicroPets and joined forces in 2021. He has been an integral part of the team, helping bring it to the success it is today.

He has machine engineering skills and is involved in various large events like IMF as part of hosting the VIP from various countries.

Huat is responsible for ensuring the growth and engagement of the Chinese Community. Through multiple social channels, Telegram, WeChat, and Weibo, he shares development updates and important information about MicroPets while continuously helping with Asian marketing.



Social Media Content Creator

Dominic is a full time entrepreneur and professional Australian sporting athlete. His work ranges from social media brand influencing, modelling, affiliate marketing to working in the health an fitness industry of personal training and professional bodybuilding.

He joined the crypto space late 2017 when he began learning currency trading. He had a strong belief in decentralized finance and began the belief that crypto will soon begin mass adoption across the globe. 

Dominic is responsible for content creating across our social medias. Using his current networks and influence to help generate more brand awareness and educate people on what we have to offer her at MicroPets.



Data & Analytics | Admin

Kyle is a mathematically driven individual who loves to see the data and the numbers. He has a bachelors degree in Mathematics with a focus on statistics and has worked as a software developer for 8 years. Legend has it that he is still not sure if he found crypto or crypto found him.

Outside of careers, Kyle constantly strives for growth. No matter what he puts his mind to, his true purpose is to be BETTER. This includes in his investments, his personal relationships, and even just being a better dog dad. He believes that anything you put your mind to can not only accomplished, but also taught afterwards.

Kyle started as a community member with MicroPets, worked his way up into the Guard Dawg role, and was eventually summoned to the admin team. He hopes that his logical approach to life and investing can be a big contributing factor to the success of MicroPets.



Social Media Manager | Admin

Selina started in the crypto space in 2019. She was a wedding planner but due to Covid, the opportunities slowed down dramatically and this is when she started exploring crypto and ended up loving it!

Over the course of her journey in the space, she met the core team of MicroPets and quickly became involved working as an admin and then moved up to the Social Media Manager. She manages the Instagram + TikTok as well as helping to create content for MicroPets utilizing her past experiences engaging with people.

jd site


MicroPets Army General & Live Support Team

JD started his Crypto journey in early 2021 during the bull market and had his ups and downs until he found MicroPets.

He was an investor in MP at the beginning and slowly started shilling his own bag and became part of the MicroPets Army.

Since then he has never looked back, kept rising through the ranks, and eventually reached one the highest ranks of the MicroPets Army, General rank.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree and is currently working in one of the Top Insurance Broking Firms.

JD is responsible to the MicroPets Shill Army along with General Yang and has a substantial hand in helping run the community through guidance and fun activities. He also assists with our Live Support Chat system found on our website.



Spanish Liaison | Admin

Rob entered the crypto space in Q2 2021. A couple months later, he found and joined the MicroPets team in a previous project so, basically, his whole crypto journey has been alongside this family.

With a background in accounting, Rob’s true passion are languages. He speaks Spanish, English and Italian, and is currently learning German. For the past 6 years, Rob has been a freelancer in the fields of translation, SEO, linkbuilding, and content creation.

Rob is the founder of the MicroPets Hispanic Community and, alongside Jessus, he is in charge of keeping the Hispanic community engaged and up to date with all the news of the project, as well as providing support in their native tongue, though you will also see him in main chat. He also enjoys lending a hand in community activities like game nights (particularly Among Us!). His core values are honesty, loyalty, and transparency.


Lewis (Crip Dough)

Live Support Team | Admin

Lewis started his Crypto journey in early 2021 during the bull market and after watching small investments make large returns, he realized the potential in the space and decided to pursue crypto full time. Since then he has expanded his knowledge in the space and after meeting Nick and Ryan, he joined the MicroPets team before launch and found himself at home. 

He is responsible for helping to run the community whether that is through answering questions, helping with competitions or engaging with investors. He has helped us on our social media accounts as well and is on the 24 hour live support chat team for the website.

MicroPets is supported by a diverse and passionate team that is paired with tens of thousands of community members. None of this is possible without their dedicated and greatly appreciated support.